John Vaccaro

Senior Property Manager | Licensed Real Estate Agent

About John

John Vaccaro is an experienced sales agent and senior property manager with an impressive career spanning over three decades in the real estate industry. With his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication, John has successfully connected numerous clients with their dream properties or ideal buyers, now successfully assisting his valued Landlords in the management of their investments with Red Property. His unparalleled local network and steadfast focus have led to remarkable results for clients, earning him widespread recognition and a strong reputation among both buyers and sellers.

Since entering the real estate field in 1981, John has steadily climbed the ranks to become one of the most accomplished agents in the area. He is highly respected within the community and brings a wealth of knowledge to every transaction. John's track record speaks volumes, with several prestigious national awards highlighting his exceptional achievements. His extensive client base and loyal following are a testament to his ability to truly understand his clients' needs and make each opportunity count.

Beyond his professional endeavors, John is a devoted family man and an active member of his community. He resides in Freshwater with his wife Jodi and son Christopher, passionately engaging in various community initiatives. For the past 15 years, he has served as an Ambassador and Director of Harbord Financial Services Limited, where he played a crucial role as the Vice Chairman of the board. John's commitment to his community extends beyond his official roles, as he freely dedicates countless hours to supporting the community's needs. Additionally, he serves as a Justice of the Peace, further demonstrating his dedication to assisting others.

When he's not working, John enjoys spending time at his favorite spot on the beaches: Curl Curl beach. He starts his mornings with an invigorating swim before indulging in a cup of coffee at Gusto's, savoring the peaceful moments before diving into his busy day. For John, his role in real estate goes beyond mere transactions – it's about fostering lasting relationships and providing invaluable advice that will positively impact clients' lives for years to come.