Lochie O'Brien

Leasing Consultant

About Lochie

Lochie O'Brien is a driven and ambitious young professional who recently graduated from high school and has already made impressive strides in the real estate industry. Throughout his last two years of high school, Lochie dedicated himself to obtaining his real estate certificate, showcasing his commitment and determination to excel in the field. With a strong foundation in real estate principles and practices, Lochie is now eager to launch his career in the industry.

While his ultimate goal is to pursue a successful career in sales, Lochie has begun his journey in the real estate world by starting in leasing. Embracing his role as an all-rounder, he has eagerly taken on various responsibilities and tasks, gaining invaluable experience and expanding his knowledge in different aspects of the industry. Lochie's versatility, coupled with his exceptional interpersonal skills, allows him to forge meaningful connections with clients and provide them with excellent service. With his passion for real estate and his drive to succeed, Lochie O'Brien is poised to make a lasting impact in the industry and establish himself as a trusted and accomplished professional.