Helen Thor

Senior Property Manager

About Helen

Helen Thor’s strong personality coupled with her friendly nature and fabulous sense of humour,  makes her ideally suited to the rigorous landscape of Property Management and all the challenges it presents. Helen’s in-depth knowledge of current legislations is an invaluable asset within the Red Property office and is a full time job in and of itself.  Overseeing a portfolio of more than 200 properties and with a healthy 10 years of experience in Property Management (6 years with Red Property), Helen’s direct and honest approach ensures issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently and with the highest standards of service. With a previous career in nursing, having raised 3 children and owning and running a business, Helen brings a mature approach to the business and simultaneously is a source of knowledge and support within the Red Property team.

Dedicated and with a strong work ethic, Helen takes enormous pride in her work and considers it an honour when her clients recommend her for new managements. Her ability to think outside the square to make things happen coupled with her devotion and passion for the industry makes Helen a formidable Property Manager for her valued client’s properties. This long-term local has cemented her position with Red Property ensuring a long and successful career ahead.