Tenant Services


Our rental listings are showcased online, in our prominent office window and on the rental list available in our office, which is updated weekly. Properties can be viewed either at scheduled open-for-inspection times or by appointment where necessary. If you wish to lease a property, it is necessary to fill out an application form and provide all the required documentation. We endeavour to let you know within 48 hours if your application has been approved, with the ultimate decision resting with the landlord.


Please download our application form and email, fax or post it to us with the required documentation.


You are required to pay a bond as security against any damage and undue wear and tear which may occur to your rental property. Once you sign the Tenancy Agreement we will lodge your bond with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority, which will hold the money in trust for the term of your lease.

When you move out we will undertake a detailed inspection of the property. If it is found to be in the same condition as outlined in the Condition Report, allowing for fair wear and tear, then you need to fill out a Bond Claim Form in order to reclaim your bond. This may take anywhere up to 10 days. If damage is assessed which needs to be repaired, the cost of this will be deducted from your bond. 


To make paying your rent as simple as possible you may choose to make payments via Electronic Transfer. Please get in touch with your Property Manager immediately if you can’t make a scheduled payment.


As a tenant it is your responsibility to insure your contents against theft, loss or damage. Speak to your Property Manager if you would like some advice on this matter.  The Landlord’s Insurance will not cover your property.


Throughout the tenancy your Property Manager will conduct regular inspections (up to 4 inspections a year after giving you 7 days notice in writing) to ensure the property is being cared for and that everything is in good working order for you. These will always be carried out at time agreed upon by you.


Before you move in we will undertake a detailed inspection of the property which will be outlined in a comprehensive Condition Report. You will be given a copy and asked to check that you are in agreeance with the details, you must return this fully completed report within 7 days. Please keep the copy because at the end of your tenancy we will refer back to this report when releasing your bond.


It is standard policy that all repairs and maintenance requests be done so in writing, either via mail, email or fax. You will find the proper request form here or in your tenancy pack. Only in extreme cases can we deal with requests over the phone.

We will attend to all issues as rapidly as possible, although in some cases we may need to obtain landlord approval which may take more time. As the tenant it is up to you to facilitate access for tradespeople.

Please also note that as the tenant it is your responsibility to maintain garden areas (not common areas in apartments however). This includes having lawns mowed and watered, looking after plants and removing leaves and rubbish to ensure the property is properly maintained.


We offer a utility connection service called direct connect which is found on the application form, they can orgainisethe connection of Electricity/Gas/Phone/Internet/Pay TV Cleaners/Insurance/Removalists/Truck or Van Hire.  Ph: 1300-664-715

It is your responsibility to organise connection of utilities such as electricity and gas. You are also required to arrange a meter reading before you vacate to ensure you only pay for the power you have used.


There are a number of legal obligations for both tenants and landlords when it comes to the termination of a lease, as set out in the legally binding Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Should you wish to terminate your tenancy after the lease agreement has expired, you are required to give 21 days notice in writing prior to vacating. If you are vacating at the end of your lease term you are required to give 14 days prior notice in writing .

If you wish to break your lease while your Tenancy Agreement is still current, you will be responsible for a lease break fee which is determined by how much time is left in your lease.

Your helpful Property Manager will happily discuss your obligations with you if you wish to terminate your tenancy.